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Should the death penalty be allowed?

Country Specific?: No, international poll
Tags: politics punishment legal system social
Death penalty pollpuma

<p>The moral implications of the death penalty have long been debated in Western Society. Some believe it to be an unnecessary practice, steeped in ancient religious tenets that no longer have a pl...

Do Women Need Men?

Country Specific?: No, international poll
Tags: relationships social
Man couple woman pollpuma

<p>Today, many organizations empower women. This has led to great careers and comfortable lives of a significant number of women enjoy today. They&rsquo;re flourishing in this new world.&nbsp;</p> ...

Can Renewable Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?

Country Specific?: No, international poll
Tags: environment social renewable energy solar energy wind power geothermal
Renewable energy sources pollpuma

<p>The energy debate has been going on for a long time, and the question of whether or not renewable energy can replace the global dependence on fossil fuels has been circulating endlessly in the m...