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Should the death penalty be allowed?

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The moral implications of the death penalty have long been debated in Western Society. Some believe it to be an unnecessary practice, steeped in ancient religious tenets that no longer have a place in modern society. 

Others believe that the death penalty serves as a much-needed deterrent to heinous crimes. This group of thinkers is of the opinion, that without the potential consequence of paying the ultimate price- your life, some criminals may carry incorrigible acts, as long as they are able to live to tell the tale. 

The Death Penalty Robs Criminals of a Chance at Reform 

Human behavior is not a stagnant thing determined solely by individual preference and intelligence. There are many factors that come together to influence the choices that we make. For example, some people bear genetic predispositions to addictive behavior or risk taking. These predispositions lower the resting amount of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, as such, people engage in dangerous behaviors in order to restore the imbalance. The same imbalances are what causes certain people to become hooked on hard drugs after their first experience. While others can walk away like nothing happened. There is a school of thought, that violent tendency is predisposed in some people and some science that back it up as well. Given this, there is a chance that some violently predisposed people can be rehabilitated and eventually learn to lead positive lives.

The Death Penalty is applied in a Racially biased Manner 

Historically the death penalty has displayed a statistical bias toward African Americans. This applies not only to those facing the death penalty but also the victims of the crimes. The death penalty is far less likely when the victim is of African heritage. So much less likely in fact, that only 14% of death penalty sentences occur when the victim is black, even though African-Americans make up 50% of murder victims each year but 80% of death sentence penalties occur when the victim was white. Currently, African Americans make up around 12% of the U.S. population. Despite this fact, 42% of death row inmates are African American on average. More specifically, African Americans make up more than 50% of death row inmates in Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, North and South Carolina and Arkansas. The number gets as high as 60% in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Louisiana. 

The Punishment should fit the crime

Some believe that the death penalty is a suitable punishment based on the severity of the crime. Murder, mass murder, and actions that deliberately caused the death of others are all considered worthy of punishment by death. Having a disproportionally light punishment could mean an increase in heinous crimes.

Possible Wrongful Execution 

Last but certainly not least, there is the possibility that victims of the death penalty could have been wrongly convicted. This has turned out to be true in the past and will continue to be true in some cases as long as humans are the ones determining where to assign the blame for a questionable murder. Human error will always exist and unfortunately, it affects our judicial system as well.

Capital punishment is still active in 58 countries does that mean they do not believe that life is sacred?. What about a serial killer? What about when someone is found guilty for crimes against humanity? Doesn't society has the the duty to act in self defense to protect the innocent by sentencing to death penalty these people?

What do you think? Should the death penalty be allowed?

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