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Do Women Need Men?

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Today, many organizations empower women. This has led to great careers and comfortable lives of a significant number of women enjoy today. They’re flourishing in this new world. 

But men aren’t as successful as they were several years. Men have always considered themselves as providers - it has been the primary source of their identity. What happens when women don’t need them as providers anymore? What happens when they lose their sense of purpose? Do they still add value to women’s lives in the 21st century?

Our contemporary societies are better off since women have had significant contributions. They’ve far more opportunities in the world. Tens of thousands of men are successful due to support provided by their accomplished spouses and are proud to be devoted dads.

Gender are roles far more flexible than we would ever imagine. People can come up with innovative arrangements which benefit everyone. We are living in a world that has shifted underneath our feet, in ways we are yet to understand. It will take some time to work things out.

Any hardworking, independent woman needs her man. Contrary to the numerous exaggerations on how robust and independent women are on this modern day, they’re still dependent on nature. That isn’t a bad attribute. Women are certainly self-sufficient regarding their survival. However, a woman needs her man to exploit their potentials fully and lives their lives to the fullest. That doesn’t mean sexually either. Men and women are two halves that make a whole. Flaws and blessings exist on each side, and they complement, offset and build off each other.

No matter how superior women may be, for humans to survive, they would require high amounts of the mutation happening all at once. The two need each other to give birth to the next generation. If men are wiped out on this planet, human survival will definitely stop and couldn’t continue to the next generation. Humans could be extinct soon. 

Just look at what happens around us; there are hundreds of thousands of massive buildings, super highways, super-fast trains, etc. How could a woman build such structures or even lift such heavy metal or concrete? Furthermore, women are wearing things like jewels and rings made of gold, diamond, and several other metals. Could all woman enter a mine to extract those minerals underneath massive stones? Of course, most of them can’t. Only very few can do that. 

Woman Require Support. Women need men since they are there to assist them and guide them along their way. They provide support and even second opinion on things that require significant considerations before executing any action. If ladies were to give up on men; then they’ll be taking a suicidal action.

Contrary to popular belief, men are the ones who needs women to fulfill their dreams. Unfortunately, some have misused that opportunity frustrating and torturing women which is totally unacceptable! Modern women are very flexible, and they have devised excellent survival skills that they no longer need men in their lives. 

Regarding social interaction, women don’t need men either since they easily can interact socially. It helps that women contact better emotionally. That is true because people have a tendency of leaning towards individuals with similar goals.

Women are very intelligent, strong and independent. They don’t necessarily require men for them to succeed. They should only value men for the crucial roles that both genders play. Anything beyond that argument is pointless.

Women can function just like men without any additional support from masculine gender. They can learn and handle their daily affairs without a man. All people should recognize the power a single woman can have. A woman can set her goals without involving a man.

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