What the heck is pollpuma you may ask

Pollpuma started as a side project when the two co-founders and brothers, Theo and Steve had an argument which soft drink has a better taste. Yes sure you can find out sale volumes per country, research reports etc… but which is better? what do others believe?

So, what we did was to ask friends about this, but we only know a limited number of people and for sure we do not have the funds nor the time to start going from door to door asking what soft drink people think is better. The only way to end this was to make this a public poll and allow everyone to vote. This gave birth to pollpuma, a true open, social polling platform designed to fuel your curiosity.

Pollpuma is free and anonymous to use and anyone can create open polls and allow voting to all users (actually we do publish all submitted polls and every user is allowed to vote). By open polling users form different countries, cultures and religions we all gain a new perspective of what others believe. Think of it as a true democratic voting procedure, where everyone has the right to vote, the same vote count regardless who she/he is.

We care the most about:

Who uses pollpuma?

Your next door neighbor, your brother and sister, your president, your child. Chances are, you know someone who is either polling and voting or checking out poll outcomes.