Should same-sex marriage be legalized?

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In Europe, 17 countries have still not legalized same-sex marriage. For same-sex couples, this confusing legal landscape throws up several issues. If they move from one European country to another,...

Should refugee children be educated in their native language?

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Syrian refugees pollpuma

About 34 thousand people a day are forced to flee their homes because of conflict or prosecution. 13.5 million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance due to the violent civil war.4.8 million ...

Should Turkey join the European Union?

Country Specific?: Turkey
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Turkey eu

Turkey became one of the first members of the Council of Europe in 1949, in 1963 an associate member of the EEC, in 1995 joined the EU Customs Union and started full membership negotiations with t...

Can Renewable Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?

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Renewable energy sources pollpuma

The energy debate has been going on for a long time, and the question of whether or not renewable energy can replace the global dependence on fossil fuels has been circulating endlessly in the mind...

Do Women Need Men?

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Today, many organizations empower women. This has led to great careers and comfortable lives of a significant number of women enjoy today. They’re flourishing in this new world.  But men aren’t ...

Should the death penalty be allowed?

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Death penalty pollpuma

The moral implications of the death penalty have long been debated in Western Society. Some believe it to be an unnecessary practice, steeped in ancient religious tenets that no longer have a place...

Who is at fault for the Greek debt crisis?

Country Specific?: Greece
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Greek debt pollpuma

Greece joined the eurozone in 2001 and lender's were more than happy to pour money into the country, only to shirk their burden-sharing responsibilities when the artificial boom could no longer be ...

Best of Negril, Jamaica

Country Specific?: Jamaica
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Seven mile beach negril pollpuma

Negri's beach, the four miles in length beach one of the top ten beaches in the world and home to the large, all-inclusive resorts. But is Negrill all about the beach? What do you like the most?

Which country is the next superpower?

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The world is in disarray and the power, that be political or economic, is shifting. Over the centuries the world has seen empires fall and new ones rising. Alexander The Great, Pharaohs, the Roman ...

Vote for the best to do list app for Android

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Todo list pollpuma

Staying organized is a tough thing to do. Everything requires some kind of organization in order to keep a healthy work-life balance. There is no silver bullet app for keeping you on track, but for...

Who controls Europe?

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Eu flags

Is Apple no longer dominating the tech world?

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Apple pollpuma

Nowadays Apple usually plays it cautious. They don’t jump on all the newest trends, they’re just refining something even better

Will Donald Trump spark World War 3?

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Donald trump pollpuma

The election of Donald Trump sent shockwaves through the international community as there are fears by some experts that Trump will increase the chance of a war, leaving the future of Nato in doubt...

Top football clubs in Egyptian Premier League

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Egyption premier league pollpuma

A total of 65 clubs have played in the Egyptian Premier League from its inception in 1948–49 up to and including the 2015–16 season. But only two clubs have been members of the Egyptian Premier Lea...

Pyramids were built with extraterrestrial help?

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Pyramids pollpuma

Head of the Cairo University Archaeology Department, Dr Ala Shaheen in December 2010 had told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the ...

Is getting an MBA worth it?

Country Specific?: No, international poll
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Mba pollpuma

Innovators, HR managers, Company Executive such as CEOs disagree about the value of MBAs. An MBA qualification may affect your hiring chances, your networking abilities, and your business skills. W...